NB // I am not touring shows at the moment (unless you want to offer me an awful lot of money, that would be fine), as I am spending more time in games writing/narrative design. The below is just for the record:

My most recent theatre show was Equations for a Moving Body. An 85 minute solo storytelling show about the psychology and physiology of endurance sport.


Shows I have in rep are: A Conversation With My Father (1hr10, no interval, 1 person show, tours in a suitcase if you have a square table, decent projector and PA, and 4 chairs), and Songs For Breaking Britain (60s mins, three people, 3 days of rehearsal space plus logistics – full band PA and a van/large car to move the band). I also have a touring thing called Games We Have Known And Loved – a performance game that collects stories around games and play, it’s a durational piece, my limit is probably around 8 hours, and it works best at least 4 hours plus. Again, contact me if you’re interested in that.

Booking info:

If you want to book A Conversation With My Father please drop Gloria a line at gloria [at]

If you want to book Songs For Breaking Britain contact me.

If you want to know more about Equations for a Moving Body contact me and I’ll send you a touring pack.