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How was it for you?

Performance in the Pub on a background of fallen leaves

On Thursday I hosted the last (for now, I will be returning with one, maybe two more, as part of my Edinburgh Previews in July, and the Everybody’s Reading Festival in October) of the regular Performance in the Pub nights that I’ve been running since January 2012. They’ve been a brilliant bloody thing to be a part of. And I’m not going to blather on about my own experience of it all for a change, as I did enough to that effect over on this blog post for the year anniversary. I’m really sad to have stopped running them, but to do so from a different city, and with all the new projects I’m working on now I’m in That London, and the problems of subsidising it out of the unpredictable income of a freelancer, is pretty much untenable. Alas. Alack. Etc.

I did get to do a cool thing to end on though – I handed out one of 40 limited edition coasters with writing on the back – donated by friends and performers from past events. That’s the main picture here – designed by the ever-brilliant Lee Keith Innes. Pay him to do stuff, yeah? Felt nice to give people something to keep, of the art as well as the merch.

I also do want to carry on supporting and promoting this kind of thing. I’ll be trying to do something Proper with the site and the legacy of it all as soon as I have a moment (September), but for now, I was wondering if you could help me? Could you tell me what that legacy is? If you’ve experienced Performance in the Pub in any way – whether one of the online bits of work over the summer, whether you’ve seen a show, or performed in one, if you have a moment, could you tell me a little bit about your strongest impression/s of the experience? Any moments that stand out? Either on Twitter @performancepub, on the Performance in the Pub Facebook page, or in the comments section here. Tell me about a moment, a feeling, an idea, anything that’s stuck with you. That you still remember or return to.

If you have the time, thank you.