Story Map

Story Map is an attempt to map the entire world, alphabetically, in a day. To name every country in its own language, and to collect a story for every country, and to place it, correctly, on the map, from memory. Using cardboard, paper, pens and post-it notes, and with the help of the audience, Third Angel and mala voadora build a portrait of the world, as it was, as it is now, and as it might be in the future.

The stories gathered are of fakes and replicas, facsimiles and substitutes; not deceptions – the inauthentic used knowingly in the everyday.

I was invited to become part of Story Map as a bridge between the online durational performance and the in-the-room durational one. I have been described as a ‘digital dramaturg’ in this work – and as well as being a fact checker, I bring the online audience’s stories and responses into the room, as well as put out stories, people, and the growing map online for rest of the world to see. A process of researching, capturing, editing, and uploading on the fly.

You can see a previous Story Map sites I built and filled at the following archived links:

Hull Truck Theatre:
ARC, Stockton on Tees:
The Cube, Corby
The Albany, Deptford (London)
Embrace Arts, Leicester (Hatch: Twelve)

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