Something Old, Something New

Something Old Something New is a new podcast from Hannah Nicklin.

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Using the old wedding rhyme as a formal construct off which to hang a conversation with interesting folk she knows from the realms of games, performance, criticism, writing, and the spaces in between these things.

In each episode Hannah will invite the interviewee to talk about cultural phenomena/artefacts of interest/important to them: Something Old (that has been with them for a while); Something New (recently discovered); Something Borrowed (stolen or recommended to them); Something YOU are working on (what are they making right now?).

This project is made possible/less financially damaging by the generous support of my Patreon Backers. You too can help support this work by donating upwards of $1 a month on Patreon, where there’s lots of behind the scenes stuff you’ll get from me, plus a zine each year, and other extras.

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