Games We Have Known And Loved

Games We Have Known and Loved is a performance game about games and play. Based on the Inspiration Exchange format (Third Angel) and borrowing the title of v21’s podcast this durational (4-8 hour) performance game gathers stories about memories of play and games through storytelling and exchange. Also possible: a performance-come-reading of the stories collected/exchanged can happen the evening the game finishes, and with a day’s more time a ‘finished’ piece of spoken word.

Not everyone thinks they have a story to tell, but we all have them – games played with siblings, playground inventions, car journey rules, the first console you got, building castles out of hay bales.

This game was originally supported by GameCity 2014.

“One of the stories Hannah told was of a girl whose last gift from her father before he past was a Playstation, that is still running today, really moved me. […] I am left at the end of all of this with the confirmed impression that games are really important entities/experiences in our lives – individually, socially and culturally.” – David King 

You can also read an account of the performance I wrote out of the GameCity edition plus the other closing part events on Rock Paper Shotgun

And for a limited time (from Dec 2014) you can buy a copy of that piece of writing as a zine, with a little section to add your own story and some lovely illustrations from Elizabeth McLeod at my shop for only 3.5 of yr GBP (£5 incl p+p, basically)

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