Forest of Sleep

Hannah Nicklin is working as a creative producer on Forest of Sleep, from Twisted Tree Games (Proteus)

Forest of Sleep is a procedurally generated graphical storytelling game, inspired by Eastern European folktales, beautifully hand-illustrated and animated, with a specially commissioned dynamic soundtrack of folk music from the region.

The game begins with 3 children telling stories around a campfire. In the morning they find they have woken into their fantasy world. You guide the children as they meet strange characters, discover surprising connections, and make decisions that the game plays with to build your story.

The aim of Forest of Sleep is to combine centuries-old ideas of plot, structure and character with frameworks for procedurally generating stories. Players are being handed their own build-your-own-folktale kit; delightfully animated, beautifully soundtracked, and carefully and engagingly paced. The game doesn’t pretend that it’s human – rather it’s like playing with a deck of cards that can dynamically respond to your choices, or with a generative instrument that doesn’t allow you to play a bad chord, but can constantly surprise you with the sounds you produce. 

You can find more about the game and the team making it via


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