A Psychogeography of Games

You can watch all of the videos of the talks online here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLjH1RA07CtQnbvvpXj-ORhSUccBY9y8il

You can buy a limited edition of a zine of the texts here: hannahnicklin.com/shop

A series of specially made 20 minute performance-talks as VideoBrainsresident speaker. From June 2015 to November 2015 I did a monthly series of talks on the psychogeography of games.

This project was made possible/less financially damaging by the generous support of my Patreon Backers. You too can help support this kind of work by donating upwards of $1 a month on Patreon, where there’s lots of behind the scenes stuff you’ll get from me, plus a zine each year, and other extras.

Psychogeography means thinking about how our environments make us feel; how they affect us and what we do. I’m interested in how where we come from affects what we make – so what I did was spend time with great people who make games walking in a place that is where they live, work, or is otherwise important to them. Each month I made a new performance/talk/thing in response to that experience. Each month’s thing responded entirely to the experience of walking with game designers.

I worked/walked with with:

Jake Elliott – @jakevsrobots – dai5ychain.net
George Buckenham – @v21 – v21.io
Holly Gramazio – @severalbees – hollygramazio.net
Llaura Dreamfeel – @dreamfeeel – dreamfeeel.com
Kerry Turner – 
@reallyfancy – therabbitclub.com
Ed Key – @edclef – visitproteus.com


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