A Conversation with My Father

A solo show (available for touring) born out of a conversation between an ex-policeman and his protestor daughter. A conversation about fear, grey areas, them and us, duty, and standing up to protect what you think matters. This is not a piece about which side you should take, and it is not addressed at the police, or protestors specifically, rather it’s a conversation between a daughter and father, who is proud of her, which also happens to expose the problems with the idea of ‘sides’ in the first place. The show was developed in early 2013 with the support of ARC Stockton, Sheffield Theatres, Embrace Arts, Third Angel and an Arts Council England Grants for the Arts award. Work in progress showings have been seen at The Little Festival of Everything, Hatch: Scratch, Contact Theatre’s Flying Solo festival and The Junction’s Sampled Festival.

“[…] as topical in these days of police ‘kettling’ and undercover provocateurs as it might be timeless in its questioning of the basis of a functioning civic society.” – Wayne Burrows

**** Broadway Baby – “a production of simple and lasting power.”

Fest Magazine: ‘an idiosyncratic, touching and thought-provoking thing.’

Exeunt Magazine: “Nicklin’s chosen staging is a perfect fit with her qualities as a performer, harnessing her unassuming warmth and humour to craft a piece that is brilliantly approachable”

A Younger Theatre: “The personal and the political sit side by side in Nicklin’s remarkably compelling performance, a show to stir forgotten memories and spark new debates

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