I am a theatre-maker, poet, game designer/writer, producer, & occasional academic. A northerner in London, I used to run 'Performance in the Pub'. I speak at events. run workshops for theatres & lecture at universities about performance, games and participation. I work with people on digital & playful things. I am a DIY punk/emo fan (and very lazy record label co-founder), triathlete, activist, & have a veggie/vegan recipe blog called foodthatwemake which I struggle to update now London eats all my time. In general you can find me online as 'hannahnicklin'. Hey, look! --> my portfolio.

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  • Recent games, writing, performing.

    An image of me talking at Videobrains, hannah nicklin, videobrains, games, performance, writing

      It’s been a while! It was 3 months ago I last posted an update on here, largely due to a lot of the work I’ve been doing having it’s own dedicated online presences. Since last writing, I’ve finished the community storytelling project Your Home From Here in Lincolnshire, which resulted in a gently interactive sound […]

  • A Different Postcode

    For 6 days over the past 3 weeks I’ve been working with Applied Theatre undergrads at the UEL Stratford Campus on a piece of story collection-driven participative art making (that’s a mouthful, I know, but my work with them encompassed participative practices in performance and games, hence; art). I worked with them to devise a series […]

  • Our Heart Is Here

    The train tracks are singing The train tracks are singing to me I have never heard them sing like this I put my headphones in I put my head phones in with nothing playing which is the closest I get to this city I leave the theatre and I put my headphones in with nothing […]

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