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Hannah Nicklin is a theatre maker, poet, game designer, producer and sometime academic. She has written a PhD about how theatre-influenced games and games-influenced theatre can destroy capitalism. Hannah is most interested in DIY, community storytelling, tools that break systems, and the spaces between ‘what is’ and ‘what if’ where new thinking happens. Her favourite place is not working. Her favourite kind of not work is swimming long distances and cycling even longer ones. (Work is made up. Do less of it.)


A north-east-midlander, based in London, Hannah ran a pay-what-you-can performance night in Leicester called ‘Performance in the Pub‘; speaks at events about theatre, games and digital technology; and works with individuals and companies on digital and playful things, as well as running her own creative and research projects.

Hannah’s initial involvement in the arts was through more traditional theatre – playwriting. Since engaging more with contemporary performance and games culture her work has become increasingly pervasive, and digitally influenced; particularly with a bent towards sound work, installation and game design; but also with (personal) re-discoveries of forms, such as poetry, monologue, and community theatre.

She has collaborated with and been commissioned by companies such as Slung Low, Hoipolloi, Third Angel, The BBC, Pilot Theatre, Fierce Festival, Theatre Writing Partnership, Forest Fringe, The Greenroom, Contact Theatre, Manchester, Hide&Seek, Coney, Northern Stage, The RSC, Fun Palaces, The Digital R&D Fund, The Arts Council, Shift Happens, Pilot Theatre, Forest Fringe, Nesta, Unlimited Theatre, The BBC Space Fund and more.

Hannah regularly speaks on digital technology, play and interaction in the arts, at events such as Hide and Seek’s Come Out and Play, Feral Vector, at the Pervasive Media Studio in Bristol, also at Audiences NI, Shift Happens, TedXYork. She runs lectures on sound performance, interactive theatre and digital tech and the arts for universities such as Leeds Met, Nottingham Trent, Loughborough University, and City University London. She also co-ran the event ‘Edgelands’ at Edinburgh 2011, she consulted on online presence and co-produced live-blog presence at two previous of the Arts Council England’s State of the Arts conferences.

If you have something to say that won’t fit on twitter, try contact [at] hannahnicklin.com

You can also download my CV arts Jun 2015 (pdf, right click save as to download).