Hannah Nicklin is an award-winning game designer, writer, producer, theatre maker, academic, and some other things. 

Why not check out her portfolio of work, here?

You can say ‘hi’ on twitter, or if you have a lot to say, email contact [at] hannahnicklin.com

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 18.43.29Hannah Nicklin is a writer, game designer, academic and artist working at the confluence of performance writing, community-based practices and digital art and game design. Hannah’s work is often driven by an interest in the role of storytelling in everyday life; in enabling players, audiences and participants to reflect on their lives, lived in the inextricable context of one another. She works hard to make performance/playful experiences that can be accessed by everybody, proactively, by taking work into communities, by producing and programming experimental work, and by being a bridge between creative practices.

She has worked with and for organisations such as Twisted Tree Games, The Royal Shakespeare Company, The V&A, Rock Paper Shotgun, Alphr, The Space, Twisted Tree Games, Hide & Seek, Coney, and spoken at events like Videobrains, Now Play This, Feral Vector, Gamecity, and EMP Fest. She has also lectured in socially engaged practices, digital narrative and game design at several universities, including UEL, UAL, RCSSD, and Goldsmiths.

Hannah has published and had published several works, most of which are usually available from the shop. You can also support her games-based activities (creative and critical response to games, podcasting, etc.) on her Patreon.

What does she do?

Hannah’s interested in all sorts of things, and has been paid by people to do the following:

  • writing for games,
  • narrative design,
  • videogames design,
  • creative critical response to games, performance and play (articles, performance talks, book chapters)
  • physical/pervasive game design,
  • theatre writing, and performance,
  • community activism and art,
  • participative practices in general,
  • running workshops and lectures in play, games theory and design, participative and community art,
  • installation art,
  • being interviewed, doing interviews
  • durational performances,
  • weird crossover stuff between games, performance, poetry and digital,
  • producing (videogames, events, and arts projects).

Day rates between £300-700 per day, negotiable depending on activity and sector in which the work is. CV can be downloaded here. Though check the date in the title to see how uptodate it is.

If you’re doing something weird, or interesting, even if it’s not listed above, get in contact. Short form on twitter, or long form, over email contact [at] hannahnicklin.com