Songs for Breaking Britain – London show

Songs For Breaking Britain comes to London on the 5th of OCTOBER – its first fully-fledged outing since the end of making it in March. Except it’s always being made – the show gets re-made every city we go to and collect stories from. This is you first chance to see it before it tours in 2015.

You can even share it with people via a facebook event. Imagine that. 7.30 start, 7pm doors, no support, but a load of other free stuff going on! Part of the All Change Festival ( at the Lyric in Hammersmith.

What is it? Maddy Costa called it a “a punk rock agit prop social documentary” on Twitter (which is kind of cool). I describe it as a punk show about what we hear when we make the choice to listen. It “[has] the audacity to be simple in concept but big in heart” an audience member said. Which is also rad. Basically we’re travelling the country, talking to strangers in the street, and making punk songs about the people we meet. A storytelling show made up of songs, a gig made up of stories.

“loud and moving and loud.” – Audience members are great.

So on the 27th and 28th September we’ll be in Hammersmith collecting stories — stories from anyone who will stop and talk to us about who they are and where they’re from. We’ll make these stories into a song for West London, and on the 5th of October you can come hear us perform West London, South London, Bradford, and Stockton.

Three chords, rhyming couplets, lots of noise. Songs from the marketplace, from the street, of romance, graft, boredom, everyday defeat.

Free entry, loud music, good storytelling, come along.

7.30 start, 7pm doors, 5th October no support, but a load of other free stuff going on! Part of the All Change Festival ( at the Lyric in Hammersmith.

And if you come along you can grab some of the cool artwork by Michael Parkin as a postcard.

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