Drunken Nights

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A quick heads up RE a series of events I’m working on as a producer for the ace Drunken Chorus. Their Drunken Nights are a series of free events in 2 pubs (1 in Croydon, and the other in Tower Hamlets) of live performance made specifically for pub spaces. A bit of dance, a bit of cabaret, a bit of music, and storytelling, specially selected to be made for those pubs spaces, supported by mentors, and with a chance to win one of full commissions. The first 2 nights will be 6 short performances, and the second 3 fuller pieces. It’s a brill opportunity for those involved, and a really lovely night out for those who might fancy it.

For more info on venues and acts have a look over here.

And you’ll find me, welcoming you to the pub, chatting to you about how you feel about what you’re seeing, and generally being a host in between arriving, and the brill compere taking over.

Come along and hang out with us, it’s free, there’s wine and beer and whisky and good company. What’s not to like?



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