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Hurrah! So you may have noticed that I and Performance in the Pub have been taking a short summer break while most artists are in Edinburgh, my audience are at music festivals, and I am stuck in Loughborough University library trying to wring a final PhD draft out of my brain. But as I hinted at the last Performance in the Pub event, there are to be exciting things afoot on the  Facebook or @performancepub accounts. Enter: Performance in the Pub Post Its, or #pitpPI on the twitters (I tried a full #pitppostits but all I can see in that hashtag is the word ‘tits’. Extra traffic maybe, but it’ll only probably be disappointed).

I chose post its for a few reasons, because they kind of feel like a tactile, visual version of a status update in length, they stick places (which is always fun), and because I and a lot of people I know use them quite a lot in devising and writing processes; it felt nice to make a feature of them. What are Performance in the Pub Post Its? Well, quite simply a series of provocations, miniature plays, poems, collaborations, drawings, and links to exciting things made especially for Performance in the Pub fans and followers. From next week I’ll be (attempting to, give or take PhD and the rate I get them in from other busy artists) curating a series of creative reactions to the Performance in the Pub Post It challenge. The first is a collaboration (or perhaps a challenge?) between Andy Field and me, and will appear on the PitP  Facebook and @performancepub feed next Thursday evening. Then, hopefully, there’ll be a different artist’s contribution each Thursday. Until I run out.

Andy’s work is totally awesome, he has a fascinating turn to his reactions and thoughts about the world, and is brilliant at always challenging the premise of the question you didn’t know you were asking. A lot of his work is interested in the city, which is the kind of stuff I write a bit about, and I was totally in love with Zilla (part one) when I saw it at Sampled festival. That’s what the picture below is from. A little bird tells me it’s on its way to the East Midlands, soon too (not brought by me, unfortunately, though I’d love to be able to afford to). Anyway, this is how Andy has described next Thursday’s #pitpPI to me:

“It’s a game that you and I are playing together. A challenge perhaps, in response to the utterly charming and honest self-portraits that you often post on twitter.”

There’ll also be the chance for you to respond to the provocation/s, too, if you want… I promise this will all make sense soon enough.

So, hang around after 8pm on Thursday evening on Facebook or @performancepub, and see what you think! Oh, and give @andytfield a follow, too. He’s brilliant.

a picture from Zilla part one by Andy Field

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