Performance in the Pub, next up.

Image courtesy of the brilliant David Wilson-Clarke

The above photo is the brilliant Chris Thorpe and Hannah Jane Walker performing their brilliant and award winning ‘The Oh Fuck Moment’ for the fourth Performance in the Pub event. It was another lovely, lovely crowd of people swearing that they will bring all their friends next time and that they didn’t realise theatre could be this, y’know, not-stuck-up (actual comment) and genuinely intimate (3 whole separate people said something to that effect). But don’t take my word for it, here’s an incredibly biased selections of things people facebooked and tweeted after the show:

OK, one of them is one of the performers, but it’s important to me that they have a good time as well. The ‘like’ on the fb post is mine, obvs…

Anyway, so Performance in the Pub is having a short break over the summer, while I use the next 8-9 weeks to pull an entire PhD thesis out of my brain, all the students have gone back home, and all the theatre artists are swanning around the rainy hills of Edinburgh.

HOWEVER I do have a date for the next show: the 4th of October as part of the brilliant ‘Everybody’s Reading‘ festival in Leicester, who have kindly given me a grant of £200 towards it! Which is brilliant, and roughly covers the loss that I’ve made over 4 events. SO THAT’S GOOD, TOO. I’ll do shouting about the event 5 lineup closer to the time.

In the meantime, do follow @performancepub on Twitter, and ‘like’ it on Facebook over here. Thoughts are buzzing around my head about possibly playing around with these spaces over the summer, with little snippets from guest theatre makers…. Thoughts abound. Some may even happen.

Finally, just a quick thanks to the lovely brilliant and amazing artists, audiences, helper outers, people shouting about PitP, and of course everyone at the Cookie for making the first 4 shows so brilliant. Here’s to the next!

See you on the 4th of October.

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