A Conversation With… in Leicester

a silly picture of me at Performance in the Pub.

A picture of me at Performance in the Pub. Thanks to David Wilson Clark for the image. No thanks to me for pulling silly faces.

So I’m still looking out for opportunities to put the current early work in progress version of A Conversation With My Father in front of audiences, to get a feel for it, and also for, y’know, actually properly performing myself, which is something I haven’t done before now. I’m looking to spend a week on it somewhere with some imaginary money and brilliant director/devisor post-PhD to get something full length and tourable, but for now, I’m grabbing at every opportunity to keep trying it out. So am delighted to find it selected for the brilliant Hatch’s Scratch (scratch means work in progress) all-day event at Embrace Arts in Leicester on the 17th of June. Which is also, slightly aptly, father’s day. Come see it with your fathers! My father might even be there! You should totally come. There will be two performances with limited audiences (12-15) which you sign up for on the day. Will be really nice to perform some of my own work in Leicester. Plus the tickets are totally free.

Also, it’s also worth mentioning, that there is by coincidence an amazing East Midlands performance line-up over the Thursday-Sunday, which if you’re anywhere nearby you should definitely try and get to. On the Thursday 14th there’s my Performance in Pub event 4 (obviously); featuring poems, stories, and a stage version of the Fringe First Award winning ‘Oh Fuck Moment’ from Chris Thorpe and Hannah Jane Walker. Then on the Friday there’s a brilliant double bill from Hatch over in Nottingham featuring Frank Abbott & Mamoru Iriguchi, then on the Saturday at DMU in Leicester there’s the Circuit showcase of new East Midlands work (the programming is much better than the website, please don’t be put off by the website), and then the Hatch: Scratch event on the Sunday! You can get your FREE tickets for that over here. Ace times, East Midlands, ace times.

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