Performance in the Pub event 4!

ANNOUNCEMENT! Commence self plagiarism:

I am delighted to announce the FOURTH Performance in the Pub, happening at the Crumblin’ Cookie, Thursday the 14th of June, at 7pm.

TICKET LINK (plus location details and event calendar export options)

Following the lovely line up of Performance in the Pub event 3, I’m ECSTATIC to be able to bring Leicester a double bill from two of the most exciting performers currently performing words what they have written in the UK today. This stage version of ‘The Oh Fuck Moment’ (orginally performed around a desk) is based on an award winning 2011/12 tour. Also including some stories from the masterful Chris Thorpe, and Poetry from Hannah Jane Walker. Hannah and Chris are bound to be electrifying, hilarious and heart stopping. You don’t want to miss this. And nor do your mates. I wholeheartedly promise you everyone will find something to love in this one. Invite friends to the facebook event over here.

More on the show:
You just fucked up. Now what?

Sometimes, fuck ups are so massive there’s no way back. Poet Hannah Jane Walker and theatre maker Chris Thorpe examine the poetic guts of mistakes in a bundle of words and poetry. Fucking up is the truest, funniest, most terrifying moment you can experience. You will make a mistake, maybe you’ll learn from it.

You should probably see ‘The oh fuck moment’ if you’ve ever stood on a rake. Or accidentally made party cocktails with bleach. Or locked yourself in a shed.

Or been caught cheating. Or followed your inclination to experiment and ended up in A+E with a traumatic wanking injury. Or crashed a plane. Or been responsible for someone’s death. Or watched someone die.

Or set fire to yourself. Or fallen awkwardly. Or fallen awkwardly on a rake. Or fallen awkwardly while flying a plane. Or while wanking.

Or put your tongue in the wrong person’s mouth. Or put your tongue in what you thought was the right person’s mouth and it turned out to be the wrong person’s mouth. Or got really angry because someone told you a story about a horse.

’The Oh Fuck Moment drills a burr hole in each of us, releasing the build up of guilty pressure beneath the surface. By the end, you’ll wear your cock ups with pride: life’s little battle scars; badges of humanity. To err is indeed human, but Thorpe and Walker don’t put a foot wrong.’ – Matt Trueman

Doors will open at 7pm, and the shows will start at 7:30 prompt-ish, with the Oh Fuck Moment as finale. Tickets are by donation, £5 helps us break even but as much or as little as you like. Donators get a STICKER. Imagine that. Sometimes I even give people cake and cookies when I’ve been in a baking mood and find myself with more baked goods than one person should reasonably eat.


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