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So you may have noticed me leaping around the internet of late in excitement at being able to announce that A Conversation with My Father will have a 25 work-in-progress showing at the AMAZING Sampled Festival. Well now you can actually book that shit. Seriously, if you go here, and click in a few places, you can actually come and see me performing it. IMAGINE THAT.

More, *ahem*, seriously, it’s an incredibly exciting line up, that I feel proper privileged to count myself among. And if you buy a ticket from that link above, you get a ticket for the WHOLE DAY, there’s properly loads of good stuff both days though, so you should definitely get a weekend ticket. LOOK AT ALL THE GOODNESS YOU’LL BE GETTING:

I wish I was just trying to sell this because I’m going to be there, that would show career drive, or something, but just look; Little Bulb, Andy Field, Brian Lobel, Bryony Kimmings, Laura Mugridge, Chris Thorpe and Hannah Walker’s Oh Fuck Moment, Ross Sutherland, Melanie Wilson, Action Hero, Curious Directive, Michael Pinchbeck, these people are all people who actually make my FAVOURITE ART STUFF. Man. But yeah, come and see my show, too.

Here’s a little bit more about ACW, in case you’ve forgotten:

What? A Conversation with My Father is born out of a conversation between an ex-policeman and his protestor daughter. A conversation about fear, grey areas, them and us, duty, and standing up to protect what you think matters.

The piece is based around a recording of Hannah talking to her father about policing and protest. This is not a piece about which side you should take, it’s a conversation about the problem of ‘sides’ in the first place.

Why? “I love the way A Conversation With My Father negotiates the personal and the political so cleverly. Deceptively simple, it deals with big, complex issues. I find it informative, engaging, startling and very moving.”

Alexander Kelly, Third Angel (he’s been kind enough to read over/advise on what I’ve worked up so far and gave this quote for the brochure)

When? 11:00, 12:15 and 4:15pm on Sunday the 6th of May.

How? Just click this link already!

This is my excited face.

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