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Hannah Nicklin, at Performance in the Pub

This is me looking awkward with a microphone. Image used with kind permission of Natalie Walter.

And finally, in the flurry of bit-late blog posts, I’m super excited to let you all know I’ve been selected to do a week of workshops on solo-performance at Contact Theatre (in Manchester), culminating in a pitch event on the Saturday (6pm, I think, and free), where the chosen performer will get a really ace opportunity to develop the show fully with actual international premiere.

The show that I pitched was A Conversation With My Father, and a week to think about it in this context will be absolutely invaluable; so excited!

FYI, A Conversation With My Father is born out of a conversation between an ex-policeman (my dad) and his protestor daughter (me). A conversation about fear, grey areas, them and us, duty, and standing up to protect what you think matters.

I’m pretty certain we’re going to be asked to blog throughout the week, so I’ll see if I can link it up, or reproduce it here. The week will also include trying to fit all my PhD stuff into the evenings, and going to see all of the shows I’ve not already encountered that are part of the main festival. ALSO totally going to stake out possible Performance in the Pub acts. So, basically, ALL THE AWESOME. ALL OF THE BUSY. ALL OF THE TIME.

Meanwhile, it looks like I may have a work-in-progress date for the piece in May, perhaps, as soon as I know, you will!


Image from SOTA12

image by me, shared on flickr if you want to use it

So, that State of the Arts thing happened. You probably noticed, once, or twice, a minute. On the 14th. I could reproduce the summary post I wrote on it here, but frankly there are loads more interesting posts both on the individual theme live blogs, and on the main blog itself. Go and browse for yourself, or check out the highlights I’ve picked out below. Otherwise all that bears saying is that I think they’re moving in the right direction, there’s a long way to go, and I’m really proud of the change/effect that Andy, the team of ace livebloggers/correspondants we took, and I were/are able to have.