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D&D write-ups

A quick upload for those who might be interested, but missed my posterous postings, these are the write-ups from the two sessions I suggested at Devoted and Disgruntled this weekend just gone. Full reflective blog post to follow, hopefully, but suffice to say a brilliant experience, such a thrill to be in the same room as so many of the theatre folk I’d only before now known on Twitter, and to meet so many brilliant, effervescent people in general. Open space is also totally the way to go for conferences. I still don’t quite understand why tech and lefty political conferences are still run in the top-down speaker/panel format… But yes, more posts to follow as soon as I have the chance, including exciting announcements.

Devoted and Disgruntled Report – Theatre and Video Games

Devoted and Disgruntled Report – STS

A Conversation About Theatre

Theatre definition screenshot

I’m a bit ill this week, so am instead posting a conversation I had on Twitter that if I’d had the energy for anything extra, would probably have turned into a blog post. I’ve also put the definition of Theatre that I’m working on for the PhD above. It’s in progress, what do you think?

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