Live Art and Intrigue

I owe you apologies, dear blog, I have been directing my internet energies at another domain. But, Lo! I return! eth. Or something. Look, I come bearing a lovely Vimeo of the highlights of the conversations, installations and performances of the jam-packed Inbetween Time programme.

It was an amazing, chock-full, exhausting (chilly) and exhilarating experience, and I’m still reeling a little. I probably should do a full on summary, maybe a top 5 (or 6, I like even numbers) of shows/events that most affected/ grabbed/intrigued me, but right now my life involves catching up on everything that had to stand still whilst I was in Bristol; PhD, real life, artistic stuff, and also, y’know, Christmas.

But I promise I’ll be back soon, if not with something think-y, then maybe with something like a short story, it’s been a while since I did something frivolously creative.

In the meantime, how about heading over to the live blog at and checking out what I got up to? There are almost 10 posts per day, plus far more on the New Work Network twitter account. Props (you heard me) to all the amazing people at both New Work Network and Inbetween Time, an amazing lot of people who were fascinating and supportive in equal measure.

And look out in coming days for me frantically trying to fill up my ‘at least four blog posts a month’ quota with some ramblings about it, you lucky folk.

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