York Wanderings

And Lo. I returneth from York. Where I ate my first pasty*, and walked around the Minster embarrassing Simon of Lantern Music by talking loudly into a microphone. The music for Nightwalk York is almost complete, so we took it up to York to test out a couple of possible routes, get a feel for the place, and capture enough that I can carry on the writing process from home. The music is absolutely beautiful, and I’ve got a little taster here for you, complete with some of the images I took whilst wandering around the routes. See if you can spot Simon looking not at all embarrased *stares at the sky*.

Do listen/watch in HD – the sound quality is much better.

To find out more, and to attend #NightwalkYork, follow the hashtag, visit the site at http://nightwalkyork.tumblr.com and join/invite people to the facebook event.

Writing continues, and is somewhere, I think, between a love letter to late Autumn, and a revision of the bad press that darkness gets… I have a feeling the piece will start with a match strike. Fun recording session that I think will involve fireworks to come too. Stay tuned, and do share the piece if you know anyone up North who might be interested.

*cheese and onion, since you ask, and yes I chose an odd place to do so.

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