The Forest Fringe Microfest

A quick taster of my time at Mayfest in Bristol, more detailed blog posts will appear soon. I returned into a very busy time of PhD, so blogging is suffering slightly in the mean time. Do also check out the microsite I set up and liveblogged from on behalf of the Forest Fringe whilst at the microfest.

The Forest Fringe Microfest is a travelling microfestival taster of the work collated under the umbrella of the Forest Fringe – a lo-fi fringe of contempoary performance held at Edinburgh each year. Generally made of win.

People to follow from the video:

And non Twitter folk; Brian LobelTinned Fingers

Check them out.

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  1. Laura Kidd May 21, 2010 at 8:55 pm #

    Excellent video Hannah, nice work!

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