I’ve just returned home from the launch of Pilot Theatre‘s Shift Happens, the UK’s version of TED (arts, tech, and learning). This year’s version is called ‘Alt/Shift’. The conference will be taking part on the 5th and 6th of July this year and as last year they have some really exciting speakers lined up, and, also, my good self. I was asked to speak at this years shift following the Bums on Seats post I wrote after the last one, and hope to do the rest of the (incredible) line up justice. Shift Happens does brilliant work in highlighting some of the most innovative stuff that’s going on in the UK’s tech/arts/learning scene, the kind of collaborations and mash ups we should be shouting about, and showing people that it isn’t hard to get to.

I’ll have some more sustained thoughts up soon about my two talks at Nottingham Trent and Leeds Met, as following the nearing deadline for AWAKE, my diary is finally beginning to settle down. I had thought February would be entirely free, but I’ve just been invited to take part in the National Youth Theatre’s ‘Techno Stories‘ project, which aims to address climate change awareness through tech/theatre crossover, it sounds like a brilliant, exciting project, and everything I believe in, too – it just means a few more weekends ’til I get some time off, and checking that I can afford all the London based to-ing and fro-ing.

Finally, let me leave you with the best taste of what Alt/Shift is all about with some audioboos I did with the people running, supporting, and speaking at it.

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