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So quite a few people have added me recently after reading my guide to Twitter for Arts Orgs which I put out into the ether. I love that it’s out there getting people trying new tech. Because I know it can be a bit daunting trying to find people to follow at first, I was going to do a quick #theatrethursday to suggest a few fellow theatrical tweeps, but the list got too long, so I decided to blog it instead.CAVEAT: I still think there’s much more value in finding interesting people, before things you are interested in , and also something wonderful in the discovery of new people through serendipity, so please, please don’t add everyone on here. Make sure you are interested in what they are saying. It’s not a networking opportunity, it’s a conversation, that conversation might lead somewhere, but that shouldn’t be the main aim of it. Some of the big names aren’t on here because I don’t like the way they use Twitter, always just putting in plugs for shows, rather than participating. However I obviously do think these people worth following, because I do, so I’m not too worried about putting it out there- just use it wisely :) and if you’re new-don’t fill your stream up too soon!Finally, the list is by no means exhaustive, and I may also have missed big people off if a) I don’t know about them myself, or b) I don’t know a particular person I follow is a theatre person, as opposed to just an interesting person. If you have any to add, tweet with the #theatrethursday hashtag, or comment here and I’ll add them!

So, in order of most recent to oldest follow:

@braduniarts the theatre venues at the University of Bradford
@dastheatre a ‘theatrically confrontational’ Leicester/London based theatre company.
@hellohoipolloi the lovely hoipolloi, presented on their excellent use of video blogging at Shift Happens arts/tech conference.
@EdinburghFringe No explanation needed hopefully, does anyone want to pay for me to go? Please? Pretty Please?
@Goldele theatre maker
@danielbuckroyd Artistic Director of New Perspectives
@trestletheatre my first theatrical experience (aside from Panto) was a Trestle Workshop. Ace.
@stevebct co-artistic director of Black Country Touring, who facilitate and create theatre in the Black Country. Brilliant company.
@untheatre Unlimited Theatre based in Leeds, they did The Moon The Moon recently, which was lovely.

@claireridgway West Midlands creative looking to hook up with local companies.

@RDouglasJohnson writer of plays and text-adventures (he’s done a hillarious Hamlet one, check out his blog for a link) Also has a play ‘Broken Holmes’ on at Edinburgh this year. One of the wittiest writers I know.
@battersea_arts Battersea Arts Centre (the clue’s in the name)
@lpostlethwaite Theatre maker, community artist, and educator.
@AbbigailWright Head of comms at York Theatre Royal (Shift Happen venue, and home to Pilot Theatre)
@KatHetherington lovely, met at Shift Happens, can’t for the life of me remember her title, but she’s a theatre person.
@Jakeyoh young critic-blogger
@scbedford from HoiPolloi, charming.
@Dramagirl theatre lover, actor, voice coach and web 2.0 superwoman.
@Geraldinecoll Apples and Snakes performance poetry – seen at Shift Happens
@scarahnellis another Apples and Snakes type…
@Robintheoffice -Birmingham Royal Ballet New Media Officer, not strictly theatre, but a brill example of an arts organisation using Twitter well.
@Katherine_Ann over saw much of Shift Happens 2.0, organisation queen, like a Tasmanian Devil, but in reverse.
@willsudlow another creative project manager type
@adrianslatcher of the Get Ambition tweeps
@eatsoupandroll Leeds based playwright
@mediasnackers they enable digital participation in lots of areas, including theatre.
@getambITion The ACE digital tech and theatre touring workshop
@hannahrudman queen of the above and cultural leader.
@thisisdavid has a show on in Edinburgh this year
@digijamie Get ambITion and local arts bod
@ammonite pervasive gaming, so awesome, the bleeding edge of digital/performance cross over. If you don’t know what any of that means, go find out!
@IanAspin does a lot of work with creative industries
@WirelessTheatre online audio theatre company – radio plays, stories and sketches for free download.
@Traversetheatre the brilliant new writing theatre and excellent Edinburgh venue
@pcmcreative does lots of things that combine social media and the digital world with theatre
@TWPGoSee Theatre Writing Partnership – new theatre writing in the East Midlands, brilliant company who gave me my first ever taste of playwriting back in 2004 (I currently do some freelance online comms for them)
@citizendan performer and writer
@scriptonline Regional development agency for theatre writers in the West Midlands
@michelleyascapi General Manager of Foursight Theatre, future cultural leader
@Foursightheatre My first ever ‘proper’ job in the arts was as their Administrator. They are a lovely West Midlands based, female-led devising company. Best known for Thatcher The Musical! But they also do some lovely site specific community based work.
@Danielbye writer and director
@uglysisterprod Ugly Sister Productions
@BushTheatre The Bush, look out for their excellent Bush Green new writing initiative – it’s going to change the way the system works.
@easternangles I have much love for companies working the East of the Country – Eastern Angles
@HullTruck well known Yorkshire based company
@markball London based producer
@finkennedy had a big argument with The World about the funding new writers get. It was in the Guardian. Also a playwright.
@Half_Dextrous actor/writer
@CreativeSelby Arts Administrator
@andytfield ‘maker of unusual things’ a lovely fellow
@sohotheatre The Soho Theatre, innit.
@Lizzieroper actor
@bottc Box of Tricks Theatre Company, new writing, they run Word:Play new writing events, [PLUG] in which I am to have a short play early next year [/PLUG]
@librarytheatre Library Theatre Co. Manchester
@c_and_t TIE company – check out their brilliant ‘living newspaper’ project. And an excellent example of how many people can tweet for one organisation. Really on the ball with using new tech.
@arvonfoundation they do beautiful writer retreats with workshops, decent amount of theatre and radio writing opportunities. I wonder if I big them up enough they’ll give me a free place? THEY’RE FUCKING BRILLIANT (Pretty please?)
@DaveMoutrey Arts Manager based in Manchester
@shift_happens THE arts and tech conference in the UK. Run by Pilot Theatre.
@DanRebellato playwright, academic, and general evil genius. Very funny, a masterclass in the subversion of the Twitter ‘form’.
@LondonTheatre Theatre researcher/maker/blogger
@Paul_Sutton Artistic Director of C&T
@pilot_theatre bloody brilliant York-based theatre company. Ran Shift-Happens. Pushing boundaries, making wonderful messes.
@MarcusRomer the daddy of Pilot Theatre and Shift Happens, lovely, generous, and very, very on the ball. A must-follow.
@mzendle journo and critic.
@MBDtweet metro-boulot-dodo are a leicester-based arts organisation. They do a combination of performance, installation, audio tours and site-specific stuff. Ch-ch-check them out.

Phew! Have I missed you? I’m sorry, there’s only so much space in my brain! Comment, and I’ll add you :-)

I’m all hyperlinked out…

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5 Responses to “Theatre People I Follow On Twitter”

  1. M July 23, 2009 at 2:43 pm #

    Thanks for this, Hannah, v. informative! Will add you if that's okay? I'm @mzendle.

  2. Hannah July 23, 2009 at 3:04 pm #

    will do :-)

  3. Kate Foy July 28, 2009 at 11:09 pm #

    Hi Hannah
    thanks for the mention – very kind. Just a wee comment … I do find the font you use in the body of your posts difficult to read … I think it’s a combination of size, spacing and the colour. Perhaps one size up or a full black might help. PS Love love that moleskine travel companion!

  4. Hannah Nicklin July 28, 2009 at 11:37 pm #

    Hi Kate- totally aware of that problem (the courier I used on my last blog was bigger over there, but as it’s imported it, seems to look smaller), it’s on my list of things to change, just involves trawling through 96 posts and changing fonts so it does keep on getting pushed to the end of the list… Will sort it soon though :-)

  5. david parkin September 17, 2009 at 3:06 pm #

    put us on please! metro-boulot-dodo leicester arts organisation. Performance, installation, audio tours, sight specific stuff. Current shows, 1 audio installation about death (winter), 1 show in nightclubs (we make a film in club and show it at end with punters as extras) – (Nightscene) , and one audio tour performance tour for kids (hansel and gretel).

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