Final day of pictures from Paris, impressionism, expressionism, clocks, and feminist graffiti

Oh and the Bastille too. The monument to which is unceremoniously planted right in the middle of an extremely busy roundabout. But there you go. I went there, and thought a bit about all of the people who die fighting for a better world for the many, not the few.

I also (as you can see) found all of the bits I wanted to see in the Musée d’Orsay, including some stunning, stunning expressionism. Compelled to pick up my paints again. Last time I had money – well, the last time I had a regular wage coming in at least – I picked up some oils, normally I use acrylics, but was interested in trying something a bit different, may try an experimental still life one evening this week.

Did some more wandering, came across some more live music in Notre Dame, and had a very good sandwich for lunch (why is French mayo so much tastier?). No picture of that but I have included a picture of my meal last night. Nom.

I loved the Metro, genius, easy to use, frequent, and all over the place, one journée or Paris Visite billet and you’ve the freedom of the city, really. Helped me do my fave bit of the trip, which aside from the paintings was the wandering and exploring.

Other pictures are just stuff wot I have seen. Including a scrawled ‘SEXISTE’ over the ridiculous pornographic big breasted animal Orangina advert, that I think Ofcom investigated in the UK. Pretty simple provocative women=base animal status. More people should subvertise these kind of posters. Remind me to carry a thick marker pen with me at all times. I can use it to correct apostrophe abuse too.

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