I am a theatre maker, producer, game designer/writer, and occasional academic. A northerner in London, I used to run 'Performance in the Pub'; speak at events about theatre, games and digital technology; and work with individuals and companies on digital and playful things. In real life I am a DIY punk/emo fan (and record label co-founder), triathlete, activist, and have a veggie/vegan recipe blog called foodthatwemake which I struggle to update now London eats all my time. In general you can find me online as 'hannahnicklin'. But while you're here, why not check out my portfolio?

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  • No More Heroes

    a picture of the 199 bus

    I am sat on a bus. Except I’m not. Because actually my charger broke for my phone a day ago. So when I’m having this thought, I’m on a bus. Even though right now, literally right now, I am sat on a patchwork quilt that took my mum 4 months to make with a slightly […]

  • Songs for Breaking Britain – London show

    A poster for Songs For Breaking Britain

    Songs For Breaking Britain comes to London on the 5th of OCTOBER – its first fully-fledged outing since the end of making it in March. Except it’s always being made – the show gets re-made every city we go to and collect stories from. This is you first chance to see it before it tours […]

  • Chris, Peter, Rajni, Kieran, Chris, Chris, Deirdre, John.

    a picture of a beach

    I wrote this after a weekend in Edinburgh which included some of the festival, but not too much. It features 3 different men by the name of Chris, 8 people who I know and 1 person I don’t. The two pieces of theatre described in it are (in order) Men in the Cities by Chris […]

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