I am a theatre maker, producer, game designer/writer, and occasional academic. A northerner in London, I used to run 'Performance in the Pub'; speak at events about theatre, games and digital technology; and work with individuals and companies on digital and playful things. In real life I am a DIY punk/emo fan (and record label co-founder), triathlete, activist, and have a veggie/vegan recipe blog called foodthatwemake which I struggle to update now London eats all my time. In general you can find me online as 'hannahnicklin'. But while you're here, why not check out my portfolio?

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  • It’s hard to be human, isn’t it?

    A picture of several post its bearing quotes from people we interviewed

    It’s a bitterly cold, drizzly grey day in Stockton-on-Tees, and I’m walking as I talk to Naz (with a zed) about the place she’s from. It’s colder than I expected, somehow I never believe the UK to be large enough to have a substantial temperature difference (maybe its a midlander thing). As we walk, she […]

  • Tour dates!

    An image of a d-i-y- style flyer on a blue floor

    Finally got around to collating all of my upcoming shows. I’m a fan of replicating content, so posting it here as well as on /tour. Info below – more on the shows on the FACEBOOK EVENTS. Check out the full A Conversation With… lineup over here, and the two Bradford/Leeds dates here, and here respectively. […]

  • Not a skateboarder

    undercroft southbank photo

    Sometime around the middle of last year I heard for the first time about the new plans for the undercroft on the Southbank. The undercroft is a world famous skate park. Skate park isn’t quite the right word – that sounds like one of those sanitised places build of wood and metal and special surfaces […]

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