I am a theatre-maker, poet, game designer/writer, producer, & occasional academic. A northerner in London, I used to run 'Performance in the Pub'. I speak at events. run workshops for theatres & lecture at universities about performance, games and participation. I work with people on digital & playful things. I am a DIY punk/emo fan (and very lazy record label co-founder), triathlete, activist, & have a veggie/vegan recipe blog called foodthatwemake which I struggle to update now London eats all my time. In general you can find me online as 'hannahnicklin'. Hey, look! --> my portfolio.

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  • Announcing: the game designers

    a screenshot of games of each of the makers I'm walking with

    So a week or so ago I launched a brand new project A Psychogeography of Games. I’ve very excitingly been invited to be the new resident speaker at VideoBrains, starting in June and as I have 6 months to play with I thought it would be great to use the time to develop a series/idea/take some […]

  • (Self) Employment Practices in Games.

    a run I went for by the sea

    My favourite metaphor for creative work is that of crop rotation. I basically know nothing about crop rotation except that some years you won’t plant anything in a field. You’ll just let it sit there, doing whatever it wants, growing weeds and hanging out with worms and replenishing nitrate levels or whatever. Fallow. It’s also […]

  • VideoBrains

    Photo of me speaking into a mic

      TL;DR: go here. Exciting announcement! Jake Tucker, on the strength of a few people’s recommendations (which is awesome) has invited me to be VideoBrains‘ new resident speaker. For those of you who don’t know, VideoBrains is a (currently) London-based monthly night of talks around games. There’s a different theme each month, this month’s was […]

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