I am a writer, game designer, academic, producer and artist working at the confluence of performance writing, community-based practices and digital art and game design. I have a PhD in games influenced theatre and theatre influenced games. At the heart of what I do are stories: finding processes for enabling people to tell them, and developing works of art, game and installation that find the right way to ask people to listen to them. I work hard to make performance/playful experiences that can be accessed by everybody, proactively, by taking work into communities, by producing and programming experimental work, and by being a bridge between creative practices. I grew up in Lincolnshire, but am now based in South London. I also race bikes. In general you can find me online as 'hannahnicklin'.

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  • Of loss and understanding.

    During this time, post EU referendum, this confused, broken time. This time where harm is laughed at through Farage-gaped mouths. This time in which little-boys-now-men sit complacently pulling the wings off us like we are insects. This time which hurts me in a way I hadn’t realised it would, as we watch harm building up behind a dam which […]

  • A Year in Review: 2015

    A review of 2015 in pictures

    I’ve been feeling exhausted, all told. I’ve been ignoring my own advice, part through necessity, part through illness and injury, part through late capitalism’s construction of freelance work and it’s propensity for self-exploitation (shut up Hannah). Anyway, I was talking to a friend the other day and they said ‘how are you’ and I said […]

  • Recent games, writing, performing.

    An image of me talking at Videobrains, hannah nicklin, videobrains, games, performance, writing

      It’s been a while! It was 3 months ago I last posted an update on here, largely due to a lot of the work I’ve been doing having it’s own dedicated online presences. Since last writing, I’ve finished the community storytelling project Your Home From Here in Lincolnshire, which resulted in a gently interactive sound […]

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